CarPro Suede Microfiber Applicators

  • $1.99

Our CarPro Suede MicroFiber Applicator has been hailed by everyone that uses it as the very best applicator for application of coatings.  With features such as ultra soft, smooth and self absorbing material this is the preferred applicator for Cquartz used in conjunction with the CQuartz Foam Applicator Block.  Once you have tried these applicator pads for coating paint and glass, you too will join the crowd of believers!


-Preferred Applicator for CQuartz (Used in tandem with CQuartz Foam Applicator Block)

-Applying Cquartz, CQuartz UK, and other coatings





-Non Linting

-Ultra Soft

-Ultra Smooth

-Self Absorbing

-Made in Korea



-Size: 4" x 4", 8”x8” and 16”x16”

-Color: White

-Material: Microfiber Suede

-Border: Edgeless