CarPro Wash Box Kit

  • $64.99

CarPro's Wash box includes everything you need to wash, dry and protect your car. This box is a great start to be able to safely wash, dry and add a bit of gloss and protection to their vehicle without breaking the bank. Included are CarPro's Reset Shampoo with a CarPro Microfiber Wash mitt, CarPro Dhyrdate Drying Towel, CarPro Elixir for adding some gloss and protection as well as 2 face microfiber towels from CarPro to apply/remove your Elixir.

1- 500ml CarPro Reset Shampoo)

1- 500ml CarPro Elixir High Gloss Quick Detailer

1- 20" X 20" CarPro Dhydrate Drying Towel

1- CarPro Microfiber Wash Mitt

2- CarPro 2 Face Microfiber Towels