CarPro Reload - Sealant

  • $35.99

CarPro's Reload is one of the best things to hit the market for a quick, long lasting and extremely hydrophobic layer of protection. With Reload you'll get the best of all worlds like incredible gloss, incredible dirt repellency and hydrophobic properties, long lasting protection and ease of use. Spray it on and simply wipe it off. The waterborne sealant works great for paint, wheels, glass, trim and more. 6 months of protection is common when used at at a straight Reload ratio but Reload can also be diluted down to 1:1 for those vehicles who will see a full detail more regularly. That makes Relaod an incredible value. Reload also works incredibly well with CQuartz coatings or as stand alone protection. With Reload protecting your exterior surfaces you can rest easy that you have some of the best protection on the market and that your vehicle will be incredibly easy to wash while keeping that amazing shine and depth for months to come.


-Excellent UV Protection

-Extreme gloss that stays!

-Just waxed slickness that lasts

-Keeps surfaces cleaner longer

-Fast and easy

-Excellent for topping CQuartz

-Apply wet or dry

-Excellent on rubber and plastic trim

-Repels rain & grime


(1) Do not apply in direct sun! Apply in good ambient lighting

(2) Shake well

(3) Spray 2 sprays directly onto a microfiber towel or the paint and spread out left and right and then up and down over a 30" Sq. area

(4) Work it into the paint evenly until almost flashed away 

(5) Switch to a fresh microfiber towel and buff the area until no residue remains

(6) Check after each panel before moving to next


-Paint should be completely clean and free of oil, solvents, or wax before applying Reload (For Durability)

-Do not apply in direct sun

-In case of uneven areas do to improper application or applying too thick, wipe off Reload with Eraser or IPA immediately and re-apply.

-Magic Elixir Formula : Mix 50ml of ECH2o, 50ml of Reload and 400ml of distilled water in a 16 oz bottle.