CarPro Elixir Quick Detailer

  • $20.89

Quick detailers come in all forms and CarPro's Elixir quickly outshines the rest. Elixir combines the best of both worlds, a quick detailer with the latest and greatest nano ceramic technology. Professional detailers figured out you could mix CarPro's ECH2O Waterless Wash with CarPro's Reload Sealant and have an amazing all in one product that not only would let you wash your vehicle but also leave behind an amazing layer of protection that not only looked incredible but provided insane hydrophobic properties that help protect your vehicles finish and keep it easy to clean.

Elixir combines both in one quick easy step. Combine Elixir with the amazingly soft Double Thickness Edgeless Towels from The Rag Company and you have a great combination that will help clean and protect your finish without causing any unwanted marring of your finish.

  1. Apply sparingly to slightly dirty vehicle or more liberally to a dirtier vehicle in a quick sweeping motion to ensure an even application of product onto one panel at a time.
  2. With your towel folded into 4's carefully wipe the panel in straight lines using very little pressure rolling the contaminated parts of the towel away from the panel as they get dirty. FLip your towel over or refold as necessary to ensure you're always using a clean side.
  3. After your initial wipe make sure wipe the panel down again with a clean side to remove any remaining residue.
  4. For best results use on cool paint out of the sun.