CarPro Perl Plastic, Vinyl and Rubber Coating

  • $17.59

CarPro Perl is a water based protective coating that not only protect but add an incredible deep black appearance to most plastics, rubbers and vinyls. Use on your tires, mud flaps, windshield cowls, window trim, bumpers and everything else made of plastic, rubber and vinyl. Water based means no greasy residue and when applied and allowed to dry you're left with a beautiful finish without the greasy looking shine or residue.

When using on exterior surfaces a 1:1 ratio will provide a really nice matte finish to properly cleaned tires or other trim. Can also be diluted to 4:1 for wiping down interior surfaces.

Apply with a microfiber towel or a foam applicator. After spreading the product buff excess off. Apply multiple coats for added protection and increased hydrophobic properties that will help keep your tires easier to wash and looking great.