Race Ramps XTenders for 56" and 67" Race Ramps

  • $123.00

Is your baby really low to the ground? These XTenders work in conjunction with 56″ and 67″ Race Ramps to create a gentle 6.6 degree incline for raising up your vehicle. Once your car is in place, you can slide out the XTenders for additional work space. The 12″ width is for use with the 56″ ramps, and the 14″ width is for the 67″ version.

If you need the low angle of approach but would rather not use this extension, you can instead purchase our 72” Race Ramps which provide a 6.8 degree approach angle.

Note that these XTenders are only to be used with the 56″ or 67″ Race Ramps, not any other variation of ramp.

Sold in a set of 2